Portfolio of Sutheary Som

Creating Writings

Final Exam: Full-length piece: The Gardens (Dec 4)

Final Exam: The Gardens - Story line (Dec 4)

Full-lenght piece: The Last Journey - the script version (Nov. 26)

Full-lenght piece: The Last Journey - play version (Nov. 19)

Full-length piece: The Three Gilts (Oct. 22) - Final version with appropriated corrections

Prose: Dominant Impression of a Painting - Surreal (Oct. 15)

Prose: cluster Web (Oct.15)

Wed-10-15.doc (25.6 ko)

Prose: proverb - Out of sight, out of mind (Oct. 8)

Proverv10-08.doc (25.1 ko)

Prose: Two stories based on Toys Clustering: Adult and Child versions (Sept. 24)

ClusteringToys.doc (25.1 ko)

Prose: Creating an ending to a story: Marvin the mailman (Sept. 24)

Ending2Story.doc (24.6 ko)

Prose: Me, Myself, and I (Sept. 10)

MeMyself09-10.doc (25.1 ko)

Prose: souvenir of a melody (Sept. 10)

Song-09-24.doc (25.1 ko)

Drama: dialoque scene on the college yard (Sept. 10)

Vignette base on a drawing of a woman, a man, and a boat (Sept. 10)

Poetry: Time (Sept. 3)

Time-09-03.doc (25.1 ko)

Prose: Letting Go (Sept. 3)

Prose: Four Sample Writngs (Aug. 28) - on four subjects

Log Book

Reflection: Project II - The Play (Nov. 5)

Reflection on creative process: Trial Web Shift (Oct. 15)

Reflections on creative process of cluster: Toys (Sept. 24)

Toys-09-24.doc (24.6 ko)

Reflections the creative process: Dominant Hand (Sept. 10)

Reflections on Reverse Cluster (Sept. 3)

Reflections on clusters: Letting Go and Time (Sept. 3)

Reflections on chapter 1 (Aug. 28)

ChapterI-08-28.doc (25.6 ko)

Class Notes

Notes: How to write a play (Nov. 5)

Notes: Three-Part Structure (Oct. 24)

Notes: The Trial Web Shift (Oct. 15)

Notes: Cluster and Vignette (Sept. 3)

Notes: Sign Mind and Design Mind (Aug. 27)