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Writing Lessons - How to write a one act play
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  • Think about what kind of story you can relate in one act ; it must be brief, engage your audience, and most likely take place in only one setting.
  • Have some friends act out your story to get an idea of what it looks like overall.
  • Demonstrate the character’s personality toughrouly before introducing the rising action.
  • At the end of the denouement, insert an exclamation point to surprise the audience.
  • Use note cards or spreadsheets to switch the order of things and build a good structure.
  • When writing a dialog, it is best to say it out loud rather than hearing it in your head when you write it down.
  • You’re not writing a dialog to be read, you’re writing it to be spoken.
  • It is important for the dialog to fit the character.
  • A script should include a title page, with your name, address, e-mail, and a copyright claim.
  • Titles cannot be copyrighted.
  • Center your character’s names on the page.
  • Lines of dialog should be coming from the left of the page.
  • Stage directions should be justified to the right.
  • Standard stage division includes 9 parts, such as UL,UC, UR, CL, CC, CR, LL, LC, and LR.

Creative Writing
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My Experience with the Trial_Web Shift
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October 15th 2009

During the experience with the Trial_Web Shift, I did some clustering around the theme word (Web). The clustering helped me a lot, since Web isn't one of the most inspiring words in the English vocabulary.

I found a lot of words that were interconnected while doing the clustering, and it boosted my inspiration. In fact, I stopped halfway through to start my creative writing, because I didn't want to lose my ideas !


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October 15th 2009


One day, Cynthia decided that she was tired of being single. She got on her computer, and googled an online chat website, where she could encounter some new people.

After creating her profile, she got a few private messages from hot single men who were interested in meeting her personally. She communicated by email for a while with RichGuy69 before adding him as a friend on Facebook.

One poke led to another, and there are now happily married, and have two children.

Me, Myself, and I
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Me, Myself and I


My name is Alexandra. I'm a 19-year old college student. I'm artistic - I love writing, drawing and photo manipulation. People often say I'm funny, since I spend most of my time cracking jokes that come to my mind out of nowhere. I think humor takes a very important part in everyone's life. In fact, I'm a strong and firm believer of the motto ''Live, laugh, love''.


I'm also quite a romantic at heart. I'm very attached to my boyfriend Simon ; we've been together for almost two years now, and are deeply in love with each other.


I'm very passionate about everything I do. My priorities in life are my family and friends. I'm a music addict, it helps me go through tough times.

Dialog - September 10th 2009
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Two students are sitting outside the CÉGEP, by a tree. It's a hot and sunny day.

Mark.- Dude, it's so f-ing hot, out here...

Chris.- Yeah, I know, man. But we're always better off here than in English, y'know ?

Two fellow students join them.

Maxim.- Hey, what are you guys doing out here ?

Layla.- Aren't you two supposed to be in class? Like, since 8?

Mark.- Yeah.

Maxim.- So....?

Chris.- We just don't feel like it.

Layla.- Right, lol. OMG, do you know about T.'s sister ?!

Mark, Chris.- No, what about her ?

Layla.- LMFAO, she was soooo wasted last night, she basically told everyone at K's party that she's preggers and that Joe is not the father !

Mark, Chris, Maxim.- AWWWW, NASTY.

Chris.- Dude, that girl will so end up on the Maury Povitch Show ten years from now.

Mark.- Lol, someone told me her mom has been on the Jerry Springer Show when she cheated on her father.

Layla.- Probably. Anyway, Joe learned 'bout what happened and ditched her for her best friend, S.

Maxim.- Ohh, ouch.

Chris.- Yeah lol, but it's not like she didn't deserve it.

Journal #1
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The left hemisphere of our brain ('Sign Mind') is mostly responsible for the rational thinking part. As for the right one ('Design Mind'), it is responsible of our artistic side. Using structures, patterns, and systems, it assembles them together, creating what we could call the whole picture.


We use our Sign Mind to understand the logical order and verbal meaning of certain things. It distinguishes while the Design Mind synthetizes.

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Has brought us

Antic relics

Dusty archives

Unknown symbols


Many wars have occured

Clans have fought

Sometimes for their country

Sometimes for survival

Death was unevitable

No matter


Side you were on


Time has seen many events

Some that marked the story of mankind

 Others that went by, unnoticed

Even though they would've deserved

To be told



Has brought us






Is in some way

The story



Someone I care about.
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If you ever crossed my way in the street, at the mall, or in a hallway at school, chances are that I was accompanied by my boyfriend. We love to spend any free minute we have with one another, enjoying it to the maximum, as if it could all end at any given moment.  We could easily be mistaken as best friends. In fact, we look alike so much, that people often think we are brother and sister !