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Class Notes

The Three-Part Structure

The first part is where we meet with the main characters, and learn about the settings. Then, in the second part, the characters evolve, they change for the best or for the worse. Something also change in a story and it’s the starting point. At the end of the second part, the characters get to find a solution for their problems. And in the third part, it’s the conclusion.

Desing Mind Vs. Sing Mind

Desing mind vs Sing Mind


The Desing mind is the left hemisphere of the brain. This part sees the whole picture for example. The other hemisphere, the right one we call the sing mind, sees the details of the picture. The left one is the logical one and the other part is the creative one.  

Wirting a play


  1. How to write a 1 act Play

-          Read some real act plays. Very interesting format for readers. Compress a lot of Idead

-          What kind of story you can tell. What character you can relate in one act.

-          Build the characters. Knowing the characters by details.

-          Draft of the script. See How it feels, how it flows.

-          Make sure that you use the stage well.


  1. Structuring a play

-          Beginning exposition. Background of the characters and the story.

-          Rising action. Conflicts hit. Builds and builds. 80% of the play. Break in the middle.

-          Climax.

-          Comes the falling action after the climax. Should go straight down as quickly as possible.

-          Denouement. At the end : exclamation mark to surprise the audience.

-          Sounds like a movie in 30 seconds. 

-          Using note cards. Get the main points.


  1. Writing a dialog

-          to hear it, it’s best saying it out loud instead of writing it.

-          Writing it to be spoken. The way they talk is important. The dialogs must fit the characters.

-          We don’t need to write as much as possible.


  1. How to write a playscript

-          Preleminaries. Title page. Name. Adress. E-mail. Phone number. Copyrighting

-          Format the play. Center the character name in capital letters.

-          Lines of dialog. They shoule comd from the Left hand margin of the play.

-          Stage directions should be justified to the right.

-          CC, CL, CR (center center, center left, center right stage direction)

Log Book

REflexion on our most recent writings

Reflexion on recent writings.

I guess I improved my English a lot during this session. It helps to have translation and creative writing classes. It helps learning new words and expression and make it sound like we were real born English speakers, which has become important these days. I don’t write a lot though. It is pretty rare. The only time I write it’s when I really have something to say in my diary and it just happens once in every 3 or 4 months and it’s written in French most of the time. But still, I guess this class helped a little in our English skills.

Reflexion on the creative process of Toy

Creative process of Toy

It made me think about my childhood where everything seemed so innocent and so easy. Where I could play with my little cares and make noise while playing with them without being judge. I wonder what people would think if I was playing with them now in a children park. Ah… I miss those days.

Reflexion on my creative process of Letting Go and Time

Creative process on Letting Go and Time

Letting Go for me means to let go or emotions, or love or someone we care for when he or she dies. And when I think about time, it seems to me like it’s slipping away so fast we can’t even see our own lives passing by. I am 19 years old… Yesterday I was two years old and learning to speak. So I just took these thoughts as an inspiration.

Entrance 5: Trial web shift experience

October 15th, 2009.

The trial web experience did not lead me anywhere. When I write, I just write. I don't care about what the steps are. I know that with the clustering, many ideas come out and then you have all that you need to write something coherent. But I don't care abouth how it's called. I'll write by myself... Being taught an hour or so about how the brain works during such a thing won't help me later.

My clustering with the word WEB made me write about astrology. Because a web is created by a spider and a spider belong in the same kind of animal than the scorpion and a scorpio is part of the zodiac.

I don't where that is gonna lead me. Can somebody tell me ? Because I'm seriously lost and I don't know the purpose of it.

Journal #1

August 27, 2009


Journal #1


     Left hemisphere of the brain will see mostly parts. The right side will see the whole picture. The right hemisphere is called the desing mind (synthesizes). Left side is called the sign mind (dinstinguishes, differentiates). Desing : art, work of art. Right part will give us structures, systemes, patterns, pictures,  which give the whole picture of something (like a map). As example, we need a structure for an essay (intro, dev, conclu.)


     We need to use the sign mind to put all of these together. Words are part of a sentence and we need a logical order to write this sentence. That's where we need the sign mind.


Someone I care for

      I'd like to talk about a certain someone close to my heart. I met him in the end of December 2008. His name is Symon, I new he existed even before I met him because of internet. But we have a common friend whose birthday was in December. We went out for her birthday. Then, I moved in with that friend, who is called Sophie. Well, I moved in with her boyfriend considering that it was his appartement, she was just living there with him. Symon and this guy we working together in a garage near from where I lived during this time, so I saw Symon every now and then. I was dating someone though. So I couldn't really get closer to Symon. When Danny and I were done, I felt horrible. So I asked Symon to come pick me up, I needed to see someone, I didn't want to stay alone. My roommates were asleep when Danny and I kind of broke up. And Symon came over and took me at his appartment. That's where it all started. He was just standing there, making me laugh, making my day a little more joyful. Since then, we see each other as often as we can, and I am deeply falling in love with him.


 Doing this 5-minutes exercise made me realize that it is easier for me to write because I don't think of what I am doing or how I am supposed to write or structure things. Things just come out of my mind. I don't think I am that bad after all. But sadly, we ended our weird relationship a couple of days after this class. So it's kind of pissing me off to read this again to see if everything was okay in the writing. Now the title should be ''Someone I used to care for'' .. Haha! Well, I still care about him, of course... But it's different now that it's over.

Creative Writing

Song of childhood

Song from childhood


     Even though I was young and did not understand English yet,  I was always listening at Savage Garden songs. I love the entire album but some of the songs made a nice effect on me that I just can’t explain and it has always been like that. I’ve got to love the melody and the beat of the song. Other little girls were listening to the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC*, the Spice Girls or the Vengaboys. Of course I liked the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls, but I don’t know why I liked Savage Garden more than anything. I still listen to their songs but I sort of forgot the other groups.

Synopsis of the final written project.

Final writting project



     In a conservative Muslim country,  Yasmeena wants to live her life as she wants. She has her very own way to think. She feels like there is something missing not only in her life, but in her country too. She is still young. She doesn’t really know her age because in some of Arabian countries, women aren’t worth anything. SHe doesn’t have a birth certificate. But she is old enough to understand many things. She is old enough to know her body and to feel sexual attraction for somebody. Unfortunately, she has to cover herself from head to toe, from shoulder to wrist. So at night, she uncovers herself, She is in need of liberty and sexual pleasure, which she can’t have in normal time. She waits in the dark for a car to come. The last man she meets will take her in his garden where they have sex all night long. When they are done and when the man gets back home, he is surprised to see hi solder son standing by the door. He has seen everything and took pictures of what he saw. He tried to take some pictures of the girl herself so he could get to the police officers’ office and make her get stoned.


     The situation in the Middle East is pathetic, especially in Saudi Arabia where girls and women used to die without anyway ceremony or funerals. They get forgotten in a hole in the desert when they die. Plus, a woman that gets rapped is guilty of sexual behaviors even though she is innocent. But, a man that commits adultry or rape a woman will not be accused of anything. I wanted to point it out. Women have no liberty and they are forced to dress up from head to toe and they sometimes have to cover their whole face. They can’t have sex before wedding because of their religious thoughts and believes. These are only two situations where women can be accused. When it comes to something related so sexual behaviors, it’s even worse.

FULL LENGHT PIECE : Final written Project



     Yasmeena does know what it means to be a muslim girl living in a strict muslim country. She has to wear that piece of fabric all over her head to cover her hair and has to cover herself from head to toe, from shoulder to wrist as well. Majeed, her father, is one of those strict fathers, husbands, uncles and brothers that can’t stand seing an uncovered woman because it is against Allah’s will. But Yasmeena has her very own way to think and has her very own definition of liberty. She is pretty, she has that goergeous every girl would be jealous of. Her hazelnuts eyes are stunning. So stunning that even the leader of her country would fall for her. Her full lips adds sexyness and sensualty to her way to talk, to stand, to walk and even to sleep. And she is aware of her beauty and sexyness. As a young adult, she feels like letting her feelings, emotions and desires go. During dative, she is that calm angel. But when the night comes, she is the total opposite. She becomes all what ‘’behavior’’ could mean.  It is about midnight and her parents, brothers and sisters are asleep. Yasmina takes off her veil and her pajamas. She puts on a sexy outfit that she made by herself, then eloped in the night. As she was walking on the sidewalk by the dark cold night, she saw headlights coming towards her. She stopped the car.  The man who was sitting in the car was about fourty to fourty-five years old. HE opened the windows and waited for her to speak.

-          Essalam ‘alikom. Kaif l’Halek ?[1] she said.

-          W’Alikom essalam. Ana l’Hamdoulillah shokran, Wenti ?[2] he answered.

-          L’Hamdolillah. Hal ‘Aindak folous ?[3]

-          Eh, limadha ?[4]

     She did not answer his question but she put a smile on her face and winked at him. She asked if she could get in the car. He said yes and unlocked the passengers’ door. When she got beside him, she looked at him right in the face.

-          So, young lady, what do you expect me to do for you ?

-          It is quite simple. I can do whatever you want me to do.

-          I did not ask anything, Why is there money involved ?

-          This is a problem quite easy to resolve.

     As he was asking questions, she slowly began to unzip her sexy outfit. One by one, she revealed her skin. He was trying to ignore what she was doing, but his voice betrayed himself.

-          What’s happening sir ?

-          N.. Nothing, I swear.

-          Don’t be silly, don’t be shy. You can look.

-          This is an important risk that you took.

     She slowly kept unzipping her shirt. She revealed her sexy red push-up bra. The man could not even stop looking at her cleavage. He was nervous. He wanted to touch her full breasts and her flat stomach. Her large hips made him drool. He wanted her to lift up her skirt or just throw them of. Only with this idea, he had an erection. She knew what the man was thinking. She looked at him with a sensual, almost sexual, look. She unbutton her skirt. She turned her body a little so she could face the passengers’ door. She revealed a little her tight ass. She looked at him over her shoulder and winked. She did not get further. She turn around to face the man.

-          Why do you stop ?

-          I knew this question would pop !

-          Then answer my question

-          I wanted to see your reaction.

-          Why do you need money ?

-          Are you really asking this, honey ?

     The man started to think about what she just asked. When he finaly understood, it was too obvious not to laugh about it.

-          How much ?

-          71 riyals for a blowjob[5] and 350 riyals for a complete sexual relation, penetration included. If you want to spend all the night with me, you’ve got to pay me a total of 1,064 riyals.

-          That’s not bad, not bad at all.

-          It is up to you.

     The man took a little while to think about it.

-          I’ll do it. I’ll give you 1,242 riyals.

-          What is the extra for ?

-          I just think you are so damn sexy. And for a man like me whose wife is always covered from head to toe, it is rare to live something like this. We will enjoy it the entire night, both of us.

-          Let’s get started.

     The man took Yasmeena to his place. It was late in the night so his wife and children were asleep. He did not want to wake them up so instead of taking her to his room, he took her in his garden. He lifted her up, she put her legs around the man’s body, and he put her on his garden table. She had zipped up her shirt so the man unzipped it again. He undressed her and took off his pants. It lasted the whole night. He brought her back home before the crack of dawn so no one would know she had eloped and no one would know he comitted adultry, But when he got home, he found his older son standing near the door. He jumped.

-          What are you doing here ?

-          I know what happened. Who is that whore ?

-          What whore ?

-          That girl you ‘’played’’ within the garden ?

-          NOthing happened.

-          Don’t be silly. I can prove it, I took pictures.

-          How come you were awake ?

-          Well, dad, I needed to go to the bathroom and I was thirsty. It’s when I got to the kitchen that I saw you with this… whore.

-          Damn…

     The next day, he got to the police officers’ office. Majeed did not know why there were police officers at his place a couple of days after his daughter’s behaviors. They had found out who that girl was. Majeed learned everything. She had been working as a prostitute for a long while before getting caught. Shed had been sleeping with a whole bunch of men, over a hundred. Her dad was furious. Her mother was shocked. Yasmeena had to go to the market. When people knew what she had done, they wanted to punish her for her bad behaviors. She was standing in the middle of a enormous group of people, her hands tied up behind her back, naked. Those who were standing there stoned her. She was crying tears of blood, she was bleeding from everywhere. At a point, she lost her consciousness because of the pain. It was too much, she could not handle it. She died the moment she recieved an enormous piece of rock thrown right at the back of her head. The sun was high in the sky, people stopped yelling. The police officers took her body and dropped in a whole dug just for her. They put the sand back in the whole then everybody forgot her. All she wanted was a little bit of fun, a little bit of liberty and a little bit of happiness.



[1] Peace on you. How are you doing?

[2] On you is the peace. I am doing good, thank you. How about you?

[3] I am doing good. Do you have money ?

[4] Yes. Why?

[5] 1 riyal worths $0,28 CAD.






Life was simple. They only had to wear fur to protect themselves from the cold. They had to hunt and fish to eat. At night, they sang traditional songs around the fire and the chief wore this enormous hat filled of colorful feathers. They had never seen another kind of lifestyle until the day strangers came visiting them. Alaska, this beautiful Native lady, was standing near the beach, on an enormous piece of rock, when they arrived.



What is that ?



She hid behind a tree and watched the ship coming towards the coast. She was flabbergasted by the lenght and the hight of this wooden floating thing. She saw someone throwing a lader made of rope and wooden steps overboard. She was chocked to see the strange oufits the people going down the boat we wearing. They had a lot of tools and once they had everything in their hands, they began to walk towards the forest where Alaska was hiding. A tall, blond, young man passed right by her and quickly glanced down at her. He felt his knees bending a little and felt a warmness in his heart seeing that small dark-haired lady. At night, Alaska elope from her little village and searched for the foreigners. And soon enough, she found them. They were sitting around a fire drinking, eating and talking in a language she did not understand. It was quite late so all the men went to sleep in their tent but one. He heard a branch cracking and stood up right away.



Is there anyone here ?



He saw a small body a little lit up by the fire.



Oh ! Hi ! Come over here, don’t be shy. What is your name ?



She did not move.



Don’t be shy.



She finally moved.



Hi. My name is Broson, what is yours ?



She remained quiet.



Okay, you don’t understand… Um… My name is Bronson.


He was pointing himself. And as he pointed her.






They spent the night together. Bronson taught Alaska some words so she could talk to him and understand him when he was speaking.



You land ?



England. It’s a big island far away from here. It is way different from here. There are castles, houses made of bricks, streets, bars, many things you don’t have here. By the way, you know, you have a beautiful voice.






The sound coming out of you mouth is called voice.



Alaska wanted to learn as much as she could and she was angry she could not communicate well with Bronson. She wanted it so bad that she could speak well by the end of the night



Why you here ?



My crew and I are here to find some gold. At first, we were here to find spices. We thought we would be in the right land but we were wrong. It is nice in a kind of way. I found you.

I did not know what to expect. I am young and I wanted to see something else than my own village. Can I ask you something ? How old are you ?



Me have um… seventeen um… springs, I think.



Oh I like the way you count the years. You are young too. You would like to travel, I am sure. You would like to see the sea. I wonder if you could come with me.






Take the ship and come in England with me.



Oh ! Me like ! um… Me familly ?



You’re right. Hum… Alaska, I’m affraid you have to leave now and go back to your village as fast as you can. I can hear the birds singing, the sun will rise in a bit. I’ll walk you home.



Alaska would never tell what happened that night to her familly and friends even though she felt something inside her she has never felt before. But Bronson told everything to his mates.



I met a girl last night.



What ! Tell me more !



Yeah ! Tell us more !



Oh, please, there is nothing exciting about it. It is just that I feel something inside me that I just can’t explain. It has never happened before.



Oh please, this is not what we wanna hear ! How does she look like ?



She is small, tiny, she has these gorgeous long straight black hair. She has those beautiful big black eyes, it’s just stunning. She has a dark skin like no other. She has this deep sensual voice, woah… it’s just crazy. You’d never find a girl like that in England.



Wow. We must see her !



What did you talk about ? I guess she doesn’t understand English. Musta been hard to understand her and she musta had a hard time understanding you.



Well at first it was hard. But I just had to point things and tell the name of it at the same time so she could understand what I meant. If it was a verb, like walk, I just had to stand up and walk to show her what it was. Anyway, you’d be impressed by how she speaks. It only took a night to teach her some important things. She might not remember everything I taught her but at least she can communicate a little.






They kept talking about that a little. Then, John and Thomas went to sleep and as the night came, Bronson and Alaska met again. They have been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now. She learned a lot of things in English.





Alaska, I don’t know what happened these passed couple of weeks… I have a feeling that I can’t explain. My mates told me it was love, and I really think they’re right.



Love ?



I think about you all the time since last night and my heart is beating each time I hear your voice, even if it’s just a voice inside my head.



I feel it too.




 He kissed her.



Wow. I Shake.



I’m shaking too. Alaska, this is just weird. For the first time, I met someone that has this effect on me. This is stupid. In a couple of days, we leave. It seems like there is nothing important to find in this area. I don’t wanna leave. There’ll be something missing.



Bronson, I love you. I decide to come with you England.



You’re sure you want to leave ? I mean… you probably won’t see your parents ever again… You won’t see your friends ever again neither.



I know. But I think about it. You tell me a night love is strong… um… stronger ? Than anything else. They be there in my heart, always.  



Wow. So you’re serious… I … I… I don’t know what to say !




Don’t talk.


There was a tear in Bronson’s eye, a tear of joy. He was so happy that he took Alaska in his arms and lift her up. He kissed her. Alaska has never told anyone about Bronson but her close friend.





Ana, I need to talk to you. You remember those guys that we all met ? You know those who trade strange things with us and who were speaking a strange language ?



Yes. I remember. What’s the matter ?



Well… I’m leaving with them soon… I fell in love with the tall one, do you remember him ? Tall, blond ? Anyway… We’ve been seeing each other since they arrived here. They will go back to their land because they did not find what they wanted.



What ! You are leaving ! That’s… I don’t know what to say. (she calmed down and thought a little) But… you know, you are my best friend and I wish the best for you to happen. If your heart is telling you to leave, you must leave. You know you will stay in my heart and I know you will be thinking about us every single day.



I love you so much, Anata. This is so nice to hear. I’m so glad. You can’t imagine how wonderful it is. I will learn so much things. If they are to come back here one day, you can be sure I will come and see you. I’ll miss you.



I’ll miss you to. And don’t worry, I will tell everyone you’re gone with him when time comes. There is no rush and I’ll talk to them one by one.



This is sweet of you. You are such a sweetheart. Thanks a lot Ana.



No problem. Now go ! Don’t make him wait !



She left but she was a little sad. She never looked back because the last thing she wanted to see was her best friend smiling, not her crying. The crew was happy to finally meet with this Native girl Bronson had himself met about a month ago. They had plenty of things to show her, plenty of things to make her discover.

FULL LENGHT PIECE : The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

Karine Guindon-Constantineau




3 Little Pigs




     There is a certain evil. It spies on us everywhere we go. It can take any form. It can smell anything. It can take any color.  It has a certain power and it is most of the time hard to fight. But you know when we say that the good triumphs over the evil? The Big Bad Wolf will learn something from this. 


     The sun is up, the birds are signing and a little pig is working on his land by this time. Garry woke up early, early enough to see the sunrise and lighting up his house built of straws. He took the time to make himself some coffee and sing along with the birds. Garry is poor. He lives away from the town and has to live on his own and cook his own food. He often goes to the nearest market to sell the vegetables that grow in his garden behind his straw-built house. He lives a good life anyway. Living near the forest has never frightened him until that particular night. He was outside sitting on his rocking-chair, looking at the sunset. The wind began to blow stronger as the sun disappeared and the clouds hid the stars that were shining bright. Garry was not worried because of some clouds. But when the birds started to escape, he did not feel safe anymore. He heard some branches cracking in the wood and a scary noise that could come from some kind of evil creature. And he was right, it turned out to be a big, bad wolf. Garry saw its shining gold eyes trough a bush's branches. He stood up from his chair right away and ran inside his house in a second.

  • - You don't need to hide, little pig. You know I will find you, says the wolf. I am hungry because I ate every single animal that lived in the forest. There is nothing left to eat. Please give me the pleasure to know what a little pig tastes like!

     The little pig had to think fast and find a place to hide. He glanced down at his kitchen table, disappeared into his cup of tea and waited.

  • - I can smell you. Hmm. That smell of ham and bacon makes me drool. You know I will find you just by the way you smell, little pig.

      The big bad wolf finally entered the straw house. He could not see that much in the candle-light but he tried to guide himself by the smell of the pig. After five minutes searching for Garry, he started to feel angry. Garry was scared but he tried not to shake and to hold his breath. The wolf kept searching for the little pig but he could not find him so he got furious. He stepped outside the house and said:

  • - I'll huff and puff and blow your house down!

So did he.

  • - I will find you wherever you hide! I promise!

     Garry waited until the morning came before coming out of his cup of tea. He saw what the wolf had done the night before and was devastated. He ran to his brother's place.



   John lives a bit better life than him. He lives near a market where he can work easily and with his profits, he has been able to build himself a house made of sticks, which is way stronger than Garry's kind of home. He has not seen his two brothers in years so he was kind of shocked to see Garry arrive.

  • - John, there is no time to talk and ask for each other's news.
  • - Why so? Tell me how you're doing at least?
  • - Not that find. In fact, there is a big bad wolf searching for me and believe me, you don't want to face him. He blew my house down and he wants to know what my butt tastes like.
  • - We are in big trouble then.
  • - Yes, you've got that right!
  • - Let's find a place to hide. I'm assuming he's coming when the sun comes down?
  • - You've got that right too!
  • - Okay, so that does not give us that much time. Try to hide in the sink. I'll hide in my garbage can.

     About half an hour later, both pigs heard some weird noises.

  • - Rawwrrrr it smells like bacon in here! It actually smells like two packs of bacon! Where are you hiding? Let me find you and let my fangs tear your pink skin. Come on! I won't hurt! I promise! Come here!

The wolf tried to find both little pigs. As he was searching, his anger kept rising.

  • - I know you are there! I know you are there! There is no way I can't find you!

     He was swearing a lot.

  • - What the hell? Do you have some kind of magic power or something? I can smell you! Screw it! I will blow down that house too! Too bad for you!

     After blowing the house made of sticks, the wolf escaped, furious he could not find two pigs this time. He will be back for sure.

     Conscious of the danger, John and Garry decided to visit their oldest brother Joe.  


     Joe left the country to work and make a little more money in hope of living a better life. He did not want to live by himself in the country. He wanted to face challenges and see the real life. It was his turn to be shocked by the arrival of his two brothers. He asked what was up and they explained what was going on with the wolf that was chasing them.

  • - Let me tell you one thing. My home won't ever be destroyed by any kind of catastrophe. There is no wolf on this planet that will be able to blow my house down since it is made of bricks. You don't even have to hide here. In fact, we will prepare him hum... a little surprise party.
  • - What do you mean?
  • - When he arrives here, he is going to be hurt as hell and will never want to eat little pigs again, I swear.
  • - Tell us your plan!

     The night is almost there. The three little pigs are ready to welcome Sargon the big bad wolf in.

  • - Okay, turn off the light.

     So did one of the pigs.

  • - Oh! You just turned off the light! That means there are one, two, even three pigs inside! Three packs of bacon for the price of one! That seems delightful! What a nice ham fest! I knew I would find you again! That smell is so strong.

     The wolf opened the door and a bucket full of eggs fell on him. At the moment the eggs crashed on the wolf, one of the pigs threw a full bag of flour on him. The second one opened the oven that was close to them and the third pig pushed the wolf inside it. They locked the oven with large chains so the wolf would not be able to escape from it. They heard the wolf scream during a couple of minutes. They knew it was cruel, but their lives have been in danger a couple of times. The wolf was part of their breakfast the next morning.


    Being united gives us the power to fight the evil.




Time is what we need

But time si what we don't have

We spend our life working

For a little flash of happiness before we die


We can't take time for ourselves

We sleep, we study, we work

Then it's the same old routine

We sleep, we stupdy, we work


We say hello, then we say goodbye

We leave for our next task

We make love half-asleep between two dreams

BEcause we are running out of time


We don'T have time to seeour friends

We don'T have time to laugh a bit

We don't have time to chill out and lose control

Se we don't have time to live happy


Child we learn to walk and talk

We learn to to work to survive for the 50 next years

And when we are about to give our last breath

We think about our dreams we could not follow

                            BECAUSE OF TIME

DRAMA : Imaginary dialogue of a scene on the college yard

- Dude, I feel eyes on me...

- Why do you say that ?

- I don't know. Do you think my teacher knows I'm outside chilling with a hot friend of mine ? Maybe this is why I feel kind of looked at...

- Wait, just turn your back so your teacher can't see your face.

- HEY Hello ! We've just came out of our French class. Let me introduce you to Marija.

- Hello. Wanna join us? We are skipping our class.

- Yeah, sure. What are you guys up to ?

- Nothing, just chilling.

- Okay cool! LEt's just sit down and play ouija!

- Are you crazy?! My teacher is evil enough for me, don't put any other devil in my day. It's sunny, keep it that way.

- What do you think of eating apples as fast as we can?

- What the hell ?

- Well then just run everywhere in or outside the school naked...

- Ha... Ha... Ha... Would you like me to wear a bunny hat now that you're asking?

- Hum... That could be cute !

- Oh please...

- What? Can't a guy dream ?

- No!

- Okay then, let's play tic tac toe. Good enough for you ?

- GUYS! Get a room, please!

- No, I've got better than that. There are some trees around us!

- Oh gosh .. (and she throws an apple at Math's head)

- Ouch! Why did you do that?

- Because you are such a dumbass weirdo!

- That's the way you like me, don't you huh ?

- Keep dreaming, buddy.

- DUDE! I think she likes me!

- You think?! Hum... I think so too !

- Guys... please..

- What's wrong ? You don't like my haircut?

- That's not the point. You're weird.

- I know you like me.

(she blushes)

- Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I can see your face turn red! It is so cute it just feel like kissing you right away!

Math kisses Amber on her lips and her legs begin to shake. Then, her teacher comes out yelling at both of them.

Dominant impression on a surreal painting

October 15th, 2009.

My impression? The first thing that came into my mind was THERE IS TOO MANY BOATS !! Then the french song ''Le ciel est bleu la mer est calme, farme ta yeule pi rame! Jpeux pas ramer jsuis constipé, jpense qu'on va couler!'' Came into my mind! Then I wanted to go to the beach, take a boat and go for a ride.

My clustering led me there.

We don't see things as they are, we see things as WE are.

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.    October 8, 2009


     It's true. It depends on or values and our conceptions. Take a rock and your hands and describe it. You could say it is heavy, soft, bad looking, dark or light, or whatever the tone is. It could describe or soul. Heavy, soft, cold, dark, any description is okay.  The first word that comes to your mind is or negative or positive. It depends if you see things in the negative or in the positive way. Take the rock again and if the first word that pops into your mind is cold instead of cute, well, chances are you see things in the negative way. Take it again. If you say it is a nice God's creation, then you're just a religious bastard. Then take a flower. If the only thing that comes to your mind is ''it's about to die'', you are not optimist at all. And if a murder scene looks exciting to you, you better go get your brain checked because chances are you're a psychopath. If a cactus looks appealing, I guess your sex life is weird as hell. If a mini short skirt looks attractive to you, you are a disgusting sex obsessed dude. But if a covered woman looks way sexier than a short skirt dressed-girl, then you must be muslim. It just depends on your conceptions.

Me, Myself and I

September 10, 2009




    It looks like I have to right about myself. Obviously the clustering didn't help me at all because I didn't have the time to finish to right about all my ideas and those I put on the sheet are a little too abstract to be able to write about something that we can easily understand. I wrote down KNOWLEDGE during the clustering. Knowledge is something I think is mandatory in our lives. It helps to understand about other cultures, about yourself, about the world we are living in, politics, economy, history and many other fields. It helps understanding the person standing right next to you and gives you something too say and helps you not to look stupid, in fact, it shows that you have something to say.

Letting Go

Letting Go


Let me cry when I need it

Let me laugh when I need it

Let me cuddle when I need love

Let me run when I feel like it


Go whenever you need to.

Don’t look back, you’d regret it

Don’t worry about me

I’m a big girl, I can find someone else to love


It is time for you to go

Even though you’re young

You know God takes back the best ones

We don’t have to worry, we’ll surely meet again