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Projet d'intégration en Langues

Comment by Jennifer Lee on the "Projet d'Intégration"

   I think that Marie-Eve has a great project in her hands. It is very original because she combines three historical events, three languages and three cultures together. For her journals, I see that she has put a lot of dedication and it's also because of her interests, which allowed her to create this project. I think that her topic suites her very much and that she shows how poetry is important, not only in love, but also in War. I've been reminded that poetry is also a way to express anything and everything that we feel at any moment. As I mentioned, she gives her all to this project, since she also went to the War Museum to get more information. I think that this project turns out very interesting and I am looking forward for her oral presentation.

  When it comes to her writing, she writes in the three languages (Spanish, English and French) very well. I hardly found mistakes in all languages while reading her project. She's very precise and detailed on her topic that it made me want to know more about poems and behind the people who wrote them. I think that it's very good that she does this project on something that she likes.

   As for the organisation, it's very organized. She has posted whenever she could. Not only that, she has also found a way to work on her project little by little, which that is something that most of us have a hard time doing. I'm really impressed of her work, of her dedication and of her working style that she has discovered herself. 

   Finally, her written project impressed me even more. Her work included pictures and it also combined history, the writing and the culture all at the same time, which made it easy to follow and understand. I also think that the choices she made for the poems are really great and amazing. The poems really show the essential of understanding what has happened in the past. Brief, Marie-eve's project is very interesting and makes me want to know more about any kind of poetry.

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Anthem for doomed youth

Ode pour la paix

El crimen fue en Granada

Memories of war, Memoria de guerra, Souvenir de la guerre


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Out of sight, out of mind


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The 3 Fantastic Little Pigs

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Prince of Persia


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Three-part structure

How to write a play