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Declaration of Intention Assignment

Denise Trochez
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Declaration of intention Assignment

1. Of every course I have had these last two years, I have learned how to use new words in my written works. We read many English books to help us practice more our comprehension in English. Several oral presentations were proposed  every semester to help us better articulate words while speaking the language. We also learned how to translate from French to English and from English to French which was not very easy, but it helped us a lot in translating the main idea of a text. Then we were taught to write creative stories out of clusterings with many ideas integrated and then write a dialogue for a play.

2. I plan on doing my project about creative writing. I will explain different steps we have to do to create a story where a dialogue is integrated. I will invent a story of characters that meet in a swimming competition, that each come from different countries. Some will speak Spanish, others German and a few English. I will talk about how learning to translate helped me in my creative writing: how my ideas came from a French movie and the way I translate the main ideas in English for my story.

3. In this project, I will talk about how I improved my grammar and my comprehension in the course “initiation a des notions de linguistique de la langue anglaise” which will help me write the story with better sentences structure and new words. I will express my ideas inspired from the French movie into English which is something I learned in my translation course(translate the main idea of a text). I could use synonyms to vary my vocabulary, which was something we were taught to do in almost every course during these last two years.

4. I have chosen this particular topic to show people how to integrate a bit of everything in a text and about how to improve in writing stories and creating a dialogue. I hope to have better skills in making a story original even if it’s inspired by something already seen or read by other people. I would find a way to make it different than the original story by changing characters, actions, parts of the movie, etc. I hope to be able to vary my vocabulary and to do much better with stories.

Week 5: Introduction and Write down ideas for my creative writing part.

Week 6: Write the story and integrate a dialogue in it.

Week7: Write things that inspired me for the story, where did I get my ideas from and why?.

Week 8: Bring out and write traits of character I gave to the characters of the story(which was taught in the course “creation culturelle”).

Week 9: Searching for images on the internet to integrate in my story.
Week 10: Think which part of the movie inspired my imagination.

Week 11: Write a summary of my project.

Week 12: Finalize the project and revise all the work done.

6. Sources:
 - I will need the movie that inspired me.
- Internet to look up for synonyms of words and images that will be integrated in my story.
- Class notes.
- Written works done these past two semesters as a guide to my story.
- Books from the library or borrowed from the teacher.


Program Course Review Sheet

Initiation a des notions de linguistique de la langue anglaise:

1. Course number: 604-EXH-HU

2. Course name: Initiation a des notions de linguistique de la langue anglaise.

3. Course objectives: Phonetic and Etymologie analysis. Apply them to our language.

4. Learning activities: Oral presentations, discussing in small groups in English, listening to movies about the old language, etc.

5. Assignments: Research and oral presentation on the origin and sense of elements to a word.

6. Summative evaluations: Recognise phonetic problems in the language(English)

7. Skills developed in the course: Learned different type of grammar, I improved in speaking English a little bit more.

8. Areas of interest sparked which could be developed in project: Learning about cultures.

9. Comments: had many interesting oral presentations and helped me in my grammar.

Contexte sociohistorique et culturel de la langue anglaise:

1. 604-EXD-03

2. Contexte sociohistorique et culturel de la langue anglaise.

3. Locate the English language in its socio-historical and cultural context. Recognize authors and events in different historical periods that have marked the development of language. Describe orally and writing how these authors have gradually transformed the language studied.

4. Study about poetry, study the meaning of works and the language and watching movies: “Midnight summer dreams”, “Queen Elizabeth”.

5. Oral presentation about an author, research paper about them, a summary about the movies.

6. Read a novel, do an oral presentation about it and hand in a research paper from it.

7. I learned more about famous English authors, improved in speaking and expressing my ideas, I write with less mistakes than before in my works.

8. Read more English books from famous authors.

9. A lot of information from famous authors were learned in this class.

Commentaire anglais:

1. 604-EXJ-03

2. Commentaire anglais.

3. Identify and comment in English elements from arts and letters domain. Being able to describe, to interpret, to evaluate orally and writing original works.

4. Reading a book, going to the Art Museum, going to see plays in Ottawa, watching documentation about artist women.

5. Describe works studied, identify the important elements of it, and at the end of each work write comments about the work(opinion).

6. Oral presentation.

7. Know how to give a comment on works, plays, movies and express better my ideas.

8. Trying to do a small play for a presentation in class.

9. Liked the last play I went to see. I don’t remember the name, but the story was, I think, in Japan or China.

Creation culturelle en anglais:

1. 604-EXC-03

2. Creation culturelle en anglais.

3. Learn techniques about creative writing. Create, illustrate and share vignettes, poems, etc.

4. Create plays, oral presentation, do clusterings of ideas, write stories.

5. Write a play and do a presentation by creating a play out of it.

6. Write a creative text of about a 1000 words including: dialogue, poetry and fiction.

E-portfolio to do.

7. I am much more creative in other courses works and oral presentations.

8. Be original in my written works.

9. Very interesting class and it was fun to do plays in front of the class about our stories.

Traduction anglaise

1. 604-EXG-03

2. Traduction anglaise.

3. Learn about English sentences or expressions that can or can’t be translated into French. Same thing from French to English. Learn to translate small paragraphs.

4. The activity book “language to language”; learn about synonyms of words, mistakes that can be made while translating, translate a part of a text from a program document of our choice.

5. Translate a poem, write comments about the works done during the semester.

6. Translate a text.

7. Learn how to translate the correct main idea of a text from one language to another(English into French, and French into English) and not translate it word by word.

8. This will help me in my future career.

9. I liked learning how to translate texts and learning new expressions.

Courants artistiques I :
In this course, I learned a lot about Paintings, painters, all the styles and texture of painting used for the canvas paintings. I learned about their story and the teacher showed us pictures about historical places, statues from museums. I learned how to differentiate the paintings and to recognize which painting goes with which artist.

Courants litteraires: ruptures et continuite: This class had much to do with the type of literature that we have today. I learned about the “chick lit“: which is literature for women and “Lad lit” which is literature for men. The teacher made us analyze about a book from a list and to talk about what we learned from it and about what made it interesting. This class helped me analyze better books I read and it helped me analyze more deeply the message of a novel.

Courants artistiques II: We analyzed many paintings: texture, colors, image, meaning, message, style, etc. We also tried to distinguish the artists from their paintings and learned a little bit on their lives. It helped me into to how to describe better a painting. When I go to the Art Museum, I try to see more deeply what the painting tries to extract to the viewer.

Productions visuelles: Videos and pictures were projects we had to do for this course. I learned many techniques to modify a face on a picture and other different techniques to create a small film on the computer. Thanks to these tricks, I know more about photoshop and it can help me with my future projects, for example, a presentation.

Espagnol I, II, III: I learned about grammar, about were to put accents on the letters, I did written projects in Spanish, many oral presentations to help me articulate better while speaking to my classmates. This semester I’m doing much better with my grammar and I make less mistakes than before. Spanish is an important course for me, because I think it could help me for my future job.

Allemand I:
This was the hardest course I had. I learned how to count, how to pronounce and speak German. We had to create a dialogue in German and present it in front of the class as a small play. It helped me communicate with a German friend I met not to long ago. Thanks to this course, it could help me if one day I decide to go to Germany.


Beginning of story:

Juan, Alex and Jake go to the hotel near the Olympic swimming pool for the

Competition in Vancouver. Juan and Alex are roommates. Jake meets with his

roommate with whom he is almost alike in terms of temperament. They each want to

eliminate competitors that would keep getting in their ways during competition.


They all go training at the same gym in the Olympic stadium. That is where they all

meet each other. Jake begins to observe what his competitors look like and analyzes

their capacities in the gym. He notes that Alex is good in cardio and with weights in

the gym. Juan isn’t that much of a threat for him as he seems to be weaker for him.

Then for all the others, some seem to be equivalent with Jake hiself as for his

roomate too.

The competition started the next day. It was going to last four days.

- Jake starts to enoy Alex to distract him during the competition in the swimming pool.

- Alex finishes first place for the first round of the competition. Jake is mad. He

finished 2nd place, and Juan 3rd place.

- Jake and his roommate agree to go in the room of Alex and Juan to put some kind

of product in their protein shakes to make them be sick for the rest of the competition

the next day.

- Alex feels lazy as for Juan he gets very weak and sick. It doesn’t stop them from

competing. They both participate to the next days competition but Alex gets in 2nd

place and Juan gets eliminated from the competition sadly, but he stays until the end

of the competitions day to encourage his friend Alex.

- Alex feels much better the last day of the competition. He is against three other

finalists including Jake which he doesn’t like much.

-Juan as he went to his room to get his camera before the end of the competititon. He

got thirsty so he thought in drinking the last bit of protein shake until he suddenly

found out that it wasn’t the same color as the shake him and Alex usually drank. He

finds Jakes’ pass to the gym on the floor and a small amount of the toxic chemical on

the floor beside the fridge. He immediately went to see the judges of the competition

to let them aware of the situation.

- Jake got eliminated from the competition, but his roommate John still is in the

competition as Juan didn’t find any evidence against John. John will try to beat Alex in

the final competition in honor of Jake.

- He fails. Alex wins first place! And also wins a scholarship to Harvard University.



Jake goes to court for trying to poison a competitor as well as John who he accused of

being an accomplice to the crime. On the other side Alex moves to the United States

and goes to Harvard University where he starts studying criminology. He meets a girl

there who then becomes his new Harvard girlfriend. Juan goes back to Spain with his

mom Maria, and continues his studies in Spanish to become a dentist.



Creative writing

During the last semester, creative writing was one of the things I enjoyed doing the

most. In this project, I will explain the process of my creative writing about how I got

inspired, where I came up with the idea, etc. But first, I will write a story where three

characters meet during a swimming competition. They each come from a different

country. During the story, secondary characters will come give a special touch to the

story. The three main characters are Juan that comes from Spain, Alex that comes

from France and Jake that comes from England.


The competition

The biggest and most important swimming competition was approaching in Vancouver.

Many professional swimmers were coming to compete against each other, all

determined to win first place. Between them were Juan, Alex and Jake. Juan was

getting of the plane with his mom Maria, and went in direction of the taxi waiting

outside for them. They were headed to the Olympic swimming pool. Alex, after having

a long trip from France, had just arrived to the hotel beside the Olympic swimming

pool where all the other competitors were staying too. He came in with his mom

Monica as his father had to stay back home with his little sisters. Jake came in

Vancouver alone so that he won’t be distracted by anything.

As Juan and his mom came to the hotel beside the Olympic pool at 10h30 p.m, she

had to leave to another hotel, because it was forbidden to have people out of

competition in Juan’s hotel. Her mom said in Spanish: “Espero que descances bien y

que lograras ganar este concurso”, encouraging him to win the competition. Juan went

into his room with his roommate Alex the French guy. “ Bonjour mon cher ami! Alors

c’est avec toi que je partagerai cette habitation!”. Juan didn’t understand a word he

said. Alex realized he didn’t speak French and said in English: “ Oh! Sorry I’m so used

in speaking French that I forgot we spoke English here in Vancouver” he said

laughing. Juan said : “ Ay! No se preocupe, me llamo Juan gusto en conocerlo!” then

he proceeded “ Hi, I’m Juan nice to meet you my friend! I come from Spain and the

only thing I know how to say in French is, j’aime la “beer” et les femmes!” He said

laughing. Alex thought he had a good sense of humor. They each went to bed,

tomorrow was training day. The competition was going to begin the day after

tomorrow. They each went to bed.

On the other side, Jake went to his room with his new roommate John,

with whom he discussed a little bit before bed and he realized he was alike with John

in terms of temperament and character.




Journal entries


Journal 1


For my first step in the project, I started to look for some ideas of a story on the int

ernet. I searched to see what would inspire me with my creative writing. I knew that

I would have fun doing a story with sport included in it, because I like sports very

much and it is something important in my life. I wrote down the ideas on a peace of



Journal 2

I photocopied information that related with the Canadian Olympics. I looked for

information of rules for swimming competitions that I could use to explain a few

things in the story.


Journal 3

I wrote my introduction and little bit on my characters: their traits. I inspired myself

with the movie "A vos marques party!", but I didn't copy the story. I wrote

something different. I changed the characters but they sometimes have similar

traits as the characters from the movie itself.


Journal 4

I started writing the first part of the story. About 200 words of lenght for the

moment. I got a few ideas from stories I have heard from friends that participate in

sports team. I wrote about how the Olympics were going to take place in Vancouver

and that the best swimmers around the world were going to be participating in the



Journal 5

I started searching for images I could include for the oral presentation I will have to

do on my project. I continued writing about each characters first day in Vancouver

and with whom they were accompanied to the Olympics.