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My name is Julie and I am a passionate future educator who fell in love with the art of teaching while traveling. Since I began to travel and connected with other cultures, I developed a passion for foreign languages. When I turned 18 and decided to travel the world, it became clear to me; I wanted to become an English teacher and encourage students to learn foreign languages and discover the world.

I am an upbeat, energetic, young woman with a passion for teaching and learning. After I graduated from high school, I traveled to Malta for a month in order to learn English. Before beginning University, I moved to Switzerland for a year, where I ended up teaching German to Immigrants. My passion for rock climbing also brought me to explore various places throughout Europe during that time. Shortly after, I decided to spend a month in California to brush up on my English at Berkeley University. Moreover, I am currently working at La Commission Scolaire des Affluents as a substitute teacher. I also tutor children, which I enjoy a lot.

I had the opportunity to complete my fourth field experience in Hong Kong in 2014 where I spent almost two months teaching in an elementary school in grade 1 and 3. This experience has been extremely rewarding. It has helped me develop my teaching persona and it has changed my vision about education. 

Besides traveling, my hobbies include various sports such as rock climbing, soccer, badminton, hiking, baseball as well as jogging. I also enjoy reading, writing and video games. During high school, I played soccer in an elite team, and won the Québec Cup with my team. I also played the piano for 5 years, and engaged in various competitions. I am willing to try anything, within reason, and hope that this love and passion for life will influence my future teaching. 

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