Main features of


It is important to note that targets a large audience. We made the updating process simple. In fact, user-friendliness is our motto.

Flexible can be used in kindergartens as well as in universities. This tool can be used by just about anybody in the education community.

Variety of content is unique because users can add almost a dozen different file types : text, images, audio files, video files, presentations, hyperlinks, and more. File types are automatically identified by icons displayed next to the submitted document.


You can send practically unlimited-size emails to portfolio owners on, or use the "Feedback" function (recommended for younger students). This way, portfolio owners can interact with a wide-reaching audience.

Information exchange made simple offers integrated RSS feeds for information exchange. This new technology allows portfolio subscribers to be continuously informed of updated content.

Simplified information search has integrated a search engine that can be used to find content within a portfolio.

Simplified organization automatically generates an index (i.e. table of contents) of a portfolio's visible content. Users can rapidly access the desired information.

Visually appealing offers a wide range of presentation models, PowerPoint style, that toddlers and adults alike can use to make their portfolios more appealing. Users can change the look of their portfolio with a single click. A dozen presentation templates are available now, and more will be available soon.

Public, protected and archived content

If you are planning to use your portfolio in different contexts, it is imperative to have different protection levels. offers three security levels: public (accessible to all URL holders), protected (protected content, password accessible), and personal archives (archived content with portfolio owner access only).

Teletransportable is transportable. In other words, portfolio owners can go online and download their entire portfolio onto a USB drive, CD-ROM or other device, and present it offline

Socioconstructivist potential is a tool with enormous cognitive potential and was developed with a sociocontructivist perspective. This approach implies the "inclusion of community", which tends to motivate learners to participate in building their portfolio, and at the same time inspires others to improve theirs. lets learners "construct" their portfolios as part of a joint effort.

Educator interface

An interface is available to educators who want to create portfolios for their students, create and manage groups of portfolios, etc.