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This guide will show you how to manage your portfolio's showcases, structure and content. The news functions are also described.

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Documents created by Natacha Duroisin from the Faculty of Psychology and Education (Université de Mons, Belgium)


Tutorial for version 2.0 users (french only)

This tutorial, created by Richard Angeloro, is for version 2.0 users. It shows how to manage the portfolio's structure and content.

Download the tutorial (.pdf)

Download the tutorial - catalan version translated by Jordi Coiduras (.pdf)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General information

What is an electronic portfolio?

An eportfolio is a collection of works that reflect an individual's efforts, progress and accomplishments.

An eportfolio is a public window for showcasing personal achievements. There are many benefits to having an eportfolio: broader knowledge, facilitated communication, and a skills assessment source for teachers.

An electronic portfolio is also accessible to a large audience. Content presentation and organization has been simplified, and updating is easy. Finally, the portfolio can contain an impressive amount of information.

How much does it cost to use a portfolio? is free for learners and educators of all levels for non-profit use. Thousands of students, teachers and trainers from more than 60 countries use Eduportfolio. To receive an electronic portfolio, simply register.

What are the technical requirements?

All you need to use and manage your portfolio are : a computer or mobile device, Internet access and a Web browser.

For the best experience, we recommend that you use the latest versions of the following browsers :

What kind of content can I add to my portfolio?

Most file types are accepted (text, images, audio, video, spreadsheets, slideshows, etc.). Executable files (.exe) are not. If there is a file type that you'd like to use and it is not recognized by the system, please let us know.

Please respect the copyright of the content added to your portfolio.

Any illict or illegal content will not be tolerated and your account will be immediately terminated.

Obtaining a portfolio

How can I get a portfolio?

All you need to do is register via Your name and a valid email address are required. Once your registration is completed, an email containing your portfolio's access information will be sent to you.

I'm a teacher/educator and would like to request accounts for my group of learners. How can I do it?

Send us your group's information :

  • Group's name
  • Short description of your group
  • Name of your educational institution
  • Country

and the information for each student/learner

  • valid email address
  • name (put it in quotes if it contains spaces)
  • first name (put it in quotes if it contains spaces)

To help us create your group faster, please send us your learners' information in an Excel spreadsheet or in a table in a Word document. Please use the following format :

For example :

Mrs. Krabappel's class
Portfolios of Mrs. Krabappel's students
Springfield Elementary (USA)
Email Last Name Given name Simpson Lisa "Van Houten" Milhouse

If you'd like to create and manage your groups, we recommend using an adminstrator account. Send us your name and email address and we'll gladly create one for you.

Login and logout

How can I access my portfolio?

Type your portfolio's address (URL) in your browser's address bar. The address is contained in the welcome email sent to you after your registration.

A portfolio's URL is followed by a number. The number is unique to each portfolio.

I submitted my registration information but I haven't received the access information for my portfolio.

  1. Check the inbox associated to the email address typed in the registration form.
  2. Check your spam folder. Some email clients consider messages from Eduportfolio as spam.
  3. Send us an email from the address associated with your portfolio. We'll send you your access information.

Where can I add/edit content?

Your portfolio's content is managed in the Management mode, accessible from's homepage or from your portfolio's homepage.

  1. From's homepage :
    • enter your identifier and access code in the Manage your portfolio form located in the right column
    • click the Continue button
  2. From your portfolio's homepage :
    • click the Login button located on the top left corner of the page
    • enter your identifier and access code in the form
    • click the Continue button

I forgot/lost my access code. How can I obtain another one?

You can ask for another password via the homepage or via your portfolio's homepage.

Via's homepage

  1. click the Forgot/lost your password? link of the Manage your portfolio form.
  2. enter your identifier (email address) in the form
  3. click the Confirm button

Via your portfolio's homepage

  1. click the Login button located on the top left corner of the page
  2. click the Forgot/lost your password? link located on the botttom of the identification form
  3. enter your identifier
  4. click the Confirmer/Send button

Your new password will be sent to the email address entered in the registration form. If the message does not apprear in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

I can't access my portfolio's management mode. I keep getting the "... username or password entered is incorrect" error.

Make sure you enter the correct identifier and password. You'll find them in the welcome email sent to you after your registration.

If the identifier and password are correct and you still receive an error message, the problem could be your browser's temporary files. We recommend that you :

I've tried to access my portfolio's management mode but I keep getting redirected to the login form.

See previous question.

What is a showcase?

A showcase is a group of elements (sections, subsections, documents, images, videos, etc.). Eduportfolio lets you create multiple showcases in which to show your content. For example, one showcase could be used for a professional portfolio while you use another for your studies or for a specific course.

Elements can now be shared between showcases. No need to duplicate documents anymore!

How can I exit my portfolio's management mode?

Simply click the Exit button located in the top left corner of your portfolio.

Protecting your content

Who can view my portfolio?

Your portfolio can be viewed by anyone who knows its address.

Links to my portfolio appear in Google (Yahoo, Bing, ...)'s search results. How can I delete them?

All non-protected content can be indexed by Web search engines (ex: Google, Bing, Yahoo). That means that a document or text contained in a non-protected section or subsection can be included in search results. If you do not want content to be available to the public, make sure to always assign an access code to sections or subsections that contain it.

What type of security can I use to protect my portfolio's content?

By default, the content added to non-protected sections or subsections is public and can be viewed by any visitor.

You can limit access to the content of a section or subsection to your colleagues, members of your groups or another Eduportfolio user. You can also protect the content of a section or subsection with a Protected Content Password or with a specific password for the section or subsection.

The content of an archived section is invisible to all visitors (even those with the Protected Content Password or the section-specific password).

How can I protect my portfolio's content?

Please consult the User guide.

What is the difference between the protected content access code and an access code for a specific section or subsection?

The password for globally protected content is a global password that you can share with any guest who you want to be able to access protected content. To change it :

  1. click the Edit Showcase Parameters Edit Showcase Parameters icon located under the showcase preview in the Showcase section
  2. enter the new password in the Choose a password for the protected content of this showcase field
  3. confirm the new password by entering it in the next field
  4. click the Edit button to confirm your changes

Please note that you must give out the new code to users authorized to view the protected content.

An additional level of protection can be added to a section or subsection by assigning it its own access code. Even users who possess the password for globally protected content cannot view the content.


How can I delete my portfolio?

  1. Access the Manage Portfolio mode
  2. Click the Account Parameters link in the top menu
  3. Click the Delete your portfolio/account button
  4. Enter your password for the "management mode"
  5. Select the By clicking Delete, I accept... option
  6. Click the Remove button

Can I backup my portfolio?

Yes. Please consult the Management tools section of the User guide.