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I'm Kevin Abarca, 18 years old. I've studied at ICPNA for more than 3 years and now I'm taking the course Methodology because I think that it's very important for people who want to teach. I'd like to teach because I think that I can transmit my knowledge to students and they can transmit me their knowledge. In this course of methodology i expect to get many strategies of teaching and also experience in teaching with the demos.



Chapter 1

In this chapter I learned the ways of working in a class of english language. Also i learned the differences between traditional and non-traditional teaching which was a really interesting topic. The most important for me, was the topic of "the importance ¿ of rapport" wich envolves empathy, respect and authenticity. To conclude the last topic was the three kinds of teacher.

MET1 Chapter 1 Traditional vs. Non_Traditional _1_.doc

Chapter 2

In this chapter we learned how many systems are in languge english, i found them very insteresting since using this systems we can have another viwe of teaching. Also we learned the macro skills which are: writing, speaking, listening, reading. I realized that two of them " reading and listening " are receptive because we don't produce them . 

Language Skills and systems

Hints and strategies

MET1 Chapter 2 Methods.doc

Chapter 3

This is the most important chapter for me, because i learned that steps that we should follow so that students can learn. There are many steps very important, if we don't use one of the steps students may don't learn in class as well as should be.

MET1 Chapter 3 Running an activity _1_.doc

MET1 Chapter 3 Activity Route Map.doc

MET1 Chapter 3 Analysing a coursebookact.doc

MET1 Chapter 3 Speaking Task _1_.doc

Chapter 4

This last chapter is one of the longest, but i think that it's importan since you learn WHO ARE THE LEARNERS which is a really interesting quetion. Also i learned the analysing system that envolves many information that will help a lot.

MET1 Chapter 4 Needs Analysis _ tasks.doc




Video recognition

Do you teach or do you educate?

Movie clips


Board game

Presentation ppt


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