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Imagen representante ura Arroyo

Hi! My name is Aura, and I work as an English Teacher.

Para contactarme:

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All my technology classes.

Survey Comentar este documento

SURVEY 1.docx

This is a survey about information communication technology

SURVEY 1.docx (41.8 ko)

Savvy Teacher ( Internet Article) Comentar este documento

I use technology during warm up of the classes and introduce the topic through videos and songs. My tools are computer and multimedia player. The technology helps students of English as a second language because it develop speaking and listening skills.

 Aura Arroyo

My first cmap tool Comentar este documento


This is a cmap about new teacher and students technology in the classroom.

cmaptask1.cmap (8.3 ko)

Siop planning Comentar este documento

My siop task.docx

This is a format fo teachers to do a planning lesson for every day.

My siop task.docx (22.2 ko)

Rubric evaluation for third grade Comentar este documento


This rubric is to evaluate a task from third grade B math project.

RUBRIC AURA.docx (76.3 ko)

Rubric evaluation websites. Comentar este documento

website_evaluation RUBRIC.doc

These are some websites evaluation rubrics. Here we find different activities for students in all levels.

Here we have some activities such as songs, games, writing activities, etc.

PREZI Comentar este documento

Students self evaluation Comentar este documento

Student_27s Self_Evaluation Form 2016 _1_.doc

is provided as a tool for objectively giving the student an opportunity to perform a self-evaluation on his/her performance during the course of the independent professional study experience.  

Course evaluation form Comentar este documento

Course Evaluation Form.doc

Course evaluations give you the opportunity to express views about a course and the way it was taught. 

Videos Comentar esta sección

Educational videos.

A Vision of 21st Century Teachers Comentar este documento

This video tells me the truth about the present days. As a teacher we need to be prepared, because students at present day are motivate by technology and through TIC’s tool they can get benefits and be more prepare for the future.



Using Cmap Tools Comentar este documento

This video explain How to create a CMap.

Why Use Technology In the Classroom? Comentar este documento

Teaching In The 21st Century Comentar este documento

This video is about some examples of 21st century skills and teaching using a good tools as is the technology.

I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem Comentar este documento

This video is a song about role of a good Teacher.

Engage me Comentar este documento

This video is about how students are integrate in the classroom in order to oerformance their knowledge.

Document Tools Comentar esta sección

All documents to use information.

New Teacher and Student Roles in the Technology-Supported, Language Classroom Comentar este documento

This analysis is how the roles of teachers and students in different classroom settings are altered as a result of computer-based technologies.

My Wiki Comentar esta sub-sección

This is a website classroom for students engage to use technology.

Third grade class Comentar este documento

This class is for students from third grade.

Home Assignments Comentar esta sección

In this page, you will find an attached document as part of your Home Reading Assignments for each week.

Graphic Organizer 1 Comentar este documento

graphic organizer.docx

Is about humans are agents who actively seek informatiom and come to formal education with arange of prior knowledge.

Graphic organizer 2 for new vocabulary Comentar este documento

graphic 2.docx

Is about Web 2.0 tools are becoming more and more common place in schools. Web teachers are discovering new ways in which to engage technollogically savvy students in computer.

graphic 2.docx (22.1 ko)

The networked teacher Comentar este documento

THE NETWORKED aura arroyo.docx

The video show us the importance of technology nin the classroom.

Adtivity sheet. Comentar este documento

week 4.docx

Using technology to help ESL/EFL students to develop language skills such as writing, reading, etc. Technology can be used to improve students learning a new language.

week 4.docx (16.3 ko)