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 Aida Aguilera

English Bachelor sStudent


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Classroom and homework aasigment

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Task1: Reading Comentar este documento

21st Century Teacher.doc

The educator of the 21st century is basically due to the emergence of "social web" technology in our classrooms. Therefore, teachers are now required to have digital skills that were not required before. The teacher should use teaching strategies to ensure that the focus in education is to prepare todays children for the future.

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The goal of this video is to encourage teachers to digitally train themself for a 21st century curriculum;   in order,   to achive  students learn in a more striking way by integrating words with images and other means of technology to help them capture more to connect, communicate and collaborate

Task3: Reading2 Comentar este documento

new teacher and students role.docx

Technology plays a role in this approach of providing  students with tools andInformation that supports your problem solving, communication, collaboration and knowledge creation.  It provides teachers with new tools that can transform instructional roles, curricula and practices

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CmapTools is used worldwide in all domains of knowledge and by users of all ages to graphically express their understanding. In this section we are Learning how to use cmap by watching video tutorials and reading tutorials.  


Task4: Make a Cmap about New Teacher and Student RolM Comentar este documento

homework1.pdf (2.4 Mo)

Homework1 Comentar este documento

We need to read  Chapter One:  Introduction (Learning: From Speculation to Science pages 3-30). Use the given link:


 Complete the  “ I MUST REMEMBER THIS” Graphic  Organizer.

Send our Graphic organizer to teacher  e-mail professorriquelme@gmail.com by Friday, November 18th.2016.

homwrok1.1.docx (18.9 ko)

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Warming up Comentar este documento


 We  must watch and listen a song dedicated to all the teachers there are. The song talks about the life of being a teacher,

Task1: Comentar este documento


We  must watch a video that refered about  the reason why  we need to use technology In the classroom.  It is important because as we sail through the 21st century, technology in the classroom is becoming more and more predominant. Tablets are replacing our textbooks, and we can research just about anything that we want to on our smartphones

Task2: Reading1 Comentar este documento


We need to get familiar with a tool called PREZI  reading  this article: Using prezi in education and Watching  the video, then sign up at Prezi.com.

homework2 Comentar este documento

We need to read this article about Web 2.0 in Language Learning

 Http://www.sagepub.com/upm data/32678_Langer_de_Ramirez Empowering_English_Language_Learners_With_Tools_From_the_Web_Ch1.pdf

After we  finishing reading the article, we must make a list of 25 new, unusual, or interesting words or phrases found on your article by using the given graphic organizer.

Send my Graphic organizer to teacher e-maiprofessorriquelme@gmail.com by Friday, November 25th,2016.

homework2.docx (20.7 ko)

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Warming-up Comentar este documento


This video shows students from Robin Hood, Birmingham School messages about learning in the 21st Century. 

Task1: Create a digital portfolio Comentar este documento


21st century teacher need a digital portfolio because it allows you to be more personal and creative in order to expand on and exhibit your skills,knowledge, projects and experiences.

Task2: Create my own WIKI page Comentar este documento


Wikispaces  is a flexible tool that has many useful features for designing and implementing technology powered learning experiences to support all learners.

Homework:3 Comentar este documento


1- We ned to watch this interesting video about the importance of being a networked teacher.


 2-Then we ought to answer these questions :

  • What does a networked teacher look like?
  • How important is it to be networked?
  • Why should a teacher be networked?
  • How does a teacher or student get networked statewide, nationally, globally?

3- Send your answers to my e-mail professorriquelme@gmail.com by Friday, December 2nd, 2016.


hpmework3.docx (14.3 ko)

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Warming up Comentar este documento


We need to watch another inspirational video

Task1 Filling up a rubric Comentar este documento

Aida_  website_evaluation RUBRIC.doc

We are going to select some websites  provided by the teacher in order to fill up a  tool named  rubrics.  In this tool is used specific criteria  to  assess  and listing the objectives and  performance characteristics  of  some  performances. 

Task3 Comentar este documento


We have to create a rubric for a specific topic in our  class

Rubric.docx (13.8 ko)

Homework4 Comentar este documento

homework 4.doc

We need to read Using Technology to Help ESL/EFL Students Develop Language Skills. Then we should decide what the passage is About and what details or Points support our answer

homework 4.doc (43 ko)

Week5 Comentar esta sub-sección

Task2 Comentar este documento

Aida_27s Self_Evaluation Form 20.doc

We need to read a reflective learning document as a key approach to student-centered learning and after tha we habe to post your answer in the " Comment Section". and evaluate ourselves

Task3 Comentar este documento

Course Evaluation Form1.doc

 We need to evaluate the course 

Task1 Comentar este documento


Using the wiki in order to display the planned class  based on the  rubrick