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I consider myself an avid environmentalist, as well as animal lover.

I enjoy wholesome, healthy living.  

Recycling is a priority & I try to  practice what I preach. 

My garden is a 'sanctuary' to me and I often go there for tranquility from the hectic day to day chaos.

Love to work out at the YMCA, as well as relax & meditate.

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1.     Diploma in Esthetics     1975-76 >Ecole Professionnelle Monseigneur.Richard>    Catholic School Commission, Verdun, Montreal P.Q.

2.     Diploma in Electrolysis   1978>  Kree School of Electrolysis New York U.S.A.

3.     Cosmetics Diploma     1985>     C.C.C.A.  Ontario

4.     Fitness & Nutrition Diploma     1989>     I.C.S.  Montreal

5.     Quebec Teaching Certificate     1980>     McGill University Montreal P.Q.    

6.     Bachelor of Education     1987>     McGill University Mtl P.Q.   

7.     Certificate in 2nd Language Teaching     1988>     McGill University    Mtl. P.Q.

8.     Graduate Studies Diploma in Adult Education  1998>    Concordia University  Mtl P.Q.

9.     Diploma in Theatrical Makeup Artistry     1980>  Elegance Academy of Professional Makeup>     Los Angeles California U.S.A.

10.   Diploma in High Fashion Makeup     1980>  Elegance Academy     Los Angeles  California

Teaching Experience

1.     Gordon Robertson Centre>Esthetics/Electrolysis    Beaconsfield P.Q.  1994.........2015+

2.     Lindsay Place High School>Esthetics     Pointe Claire P.Q.     1990-1994

3.     Isabella College>Esthetics /Electrolysis/Makeup     Montreal     1988-1990

4.     Edith Serei School of Esthetics>Esthetics/Makeup/Manicure> Montreal>'Stage' 1979-1980

5.     Lindsay Place High School> Pointe Claire P.Q.  'Stage'  1979-1980

6.     English Language Tutor (Mentor)   Teheran, Iran     1977-1978      

Work Experience

1.     Salon Owner>Salon Yonka, Banafsheh Street, Kermanshah, Iran 1977- 78. Performed Advanced Facial treatments, Electrolysis, Epilation, Body Treatments, Makeup

2.     Salon Owner>Estheticienne Diplomee, Victoria Avenue, Cote des Neiges, Montreal. Esthetician>Performed Advanced Facials, Electrolysis, Epilation, Makeup

3.     Esthetician/Cosmetic Therapist>Silhouette Health Spa. Montreal>Performed Facials, Backcare, Manicures/Pedicures/ Body- Cellulite Treatments/Waxing/Electrolysis

4.     Electrologist>Bugatti Inc. Laurier St.W. Montreal P.Q. Performed Themolysis & Galvanic Electrolysis treatments 

5.     Secretary/Receptionist> Mercedes Benz      >D.K.Automobile.Montreal P.Q.

6.     Receptionist/Switchboard Operator>Harold Cummings Oldsmobile Automobile Company, Decarie/JeanTalon, Montreal P.Q..

7.     Manager, Cook>multi-ethnic cuisine, Waitress>Dan's Restaurant, Chomedey, Laval 


Even though my predominant language is English, I grew up hearing my Austrian Grandmother speaking German, and Yiddish , therefore, I understand both.

I am born in Montreal so I understand, speak, read and somewhat write in French.

I travelled with my Iranian husband at the time, and lived in Iran, where the spoken language was 'Farsi', not Arabic, so I can understand and speak Farsi fairly fluently.

 I feel like I have an affinity towards 'language' and love hearing various languages spoken.



Love Gardening>looking after the environment>avid composter>recycle everything possible

Cooking multicultural>Indian/Persian/Sushi/Middleeastern/Jamaican/Eastern European (Austrian) Eshkanazi dishes

Working out at the Y>Aeroboxing/Muscle toning/Gymstick/Zumba/Yoga

I have an affinity with animals>especially dogs

Learning new languages>Farsi/French/German/Turkish/all languages intrigue me

Camping>love the outdoors>getting back to the basics

Enjoy creating educational material, proofreading, correcting spelling errors, making jewelry


I have travelled extensively throughout my life.

I have lived in Paris (attended CIDESCO>International Esthetic Convention), Istanbul-Turkey, Iran, U.S.>specifically Los Angeles, New York.  I studied Electrolysis in world renowned school>KREE SCHOOL OF ELECTROLYSIS>in New York City>pioneers in the Electrolysis field.

I studied Theatrical & High Fashion Makeup in L.A. when I was completing my field experience for my Bachelor in Education from McGill University.

I have experienced what we know as 'culture shock' many times overseas, and have adapted very well to the situation at the time.