Andres Gonzalez Portfolio 2010

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My name is Andres Gonzalez.I am 15 years old.I live in buenos aires.

I study at Lenguas Vivas, andI am in third year.

I love sports.I love playing football, running and swiming.I play football in Huracan. I am in 8th dision.

I live with my mother, my father, my brother and my 2 dogs.

My mother`s name is Mady Casco. She is teacher. She is 49 years old.She was borned in Ezeiza.

My father name is Fabian. He is 46 years old, and he is fisical education teacher.He was borned in La Roque, Entre rios.

My brother name is Tomas. He is 11 years old.He studys in my school.He is in 7th grade.He loves playing a lot with the computer. He is lazy.




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K`naan was born in Somalia. He is 32 years old. His real`s…… name abdi warsame. He has one brother and one sister. His father was a cab driver. His grandfather was a very important poet.Magool was his aunt, and she was a very important singer of Somalia. When he was a child, he was sourrounded by artists.

In 1991, the war broke out. His life changed. He had to learn to use a weapon. He had to learn to be tough. Helived 3 years of intense war in Somalia, until 1994, when he moved to New York. His flight was the last that left Somalia. In EEUU, everything was diferent. Some years later, he moved to Canada.

 He started singing, influenced by Bob Marley and Rakin. When he was a child, his father gave to him albums of Rakin. It Is because of that that he listened to this singer.

 K`naan`s first album name was The dusty Foot Philosopher. His second album`s name was Troubador. In this album was the song “Waving Fland”. This was a song of protest. Then he invented “Waving Flag ( the celebration mix)”, and it was chosen as the South Africa Worl Cup`s song, by Coca Cola.


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Bart Simpson is 10 years old. He was born in Springfield. He is mischievous and lazy. He hates school and studing. He loves skateboarding, fishing, playing videogames and watching TV.

Bart leaves with his father, his mother and his sisters.

His father name is Homer.Homer is lazy and careless although he is a good father. He works in the nuclear power plant. He loves watching TV, drinking beer and eating junk food.

Bart`s mother name is Marge. She has blue hair. She is a housewife, but in the pass she was roalingskater waitress.

Bart`s sisters names are Lisa and Maggie.

Lisa is 8 years old. She loves school and studing. She plays the saxophone. Sometimes bart is mean to Lisa.

Maggie is only one year old. She can`t walk and talk. She crowls and sucks her pacifier.

 Bart`s pet name is Santa`s leattle Helper. He is a dog. He doesn`t obey.

 Bart`s friends names are Milhouse and Nelson. 

Milhouse is thin. He wears glases. His parents are divorced. He speaks very good italien because his grandmother  leaves in Italy, and he goes there othen.

Nelson is the bully of the school. His father abandoned him when he was leattle.