Portafolio de Victoria Alegre


My name is Victoria and i live in Argentina, Saladillo. I am 13 years old and I go to Twins.

My summer holidays were lots of fun.

Last december i went to Necochea in december. I went with my family and some friends of my dad's.

In Necochea, we went to the beach and took some pictures, played tejo, played tennis and swam. They were great fun vacations! the weather was very very hot.

In january i went to Villa Gesel. I went to the beach and bought clothes. The hottel was very beautiful.

I went to "Bancarios"; I love swimming with my friends.

We dance in birthday parties and "Agustina" my friend sang.

In february i went to Buenos Aires. My sister and i played cards and went to the shopping centre.

In "Bancarios" i played beach volleyball, i ran and played tennis.

I love vacations!

My worst journey.

My worst journey was on 30th September; 2009, it was my brother’s birthday.

The journey began before lunch time, when I was getting into the car, I felt bad.

I travelled very sick, and my sister talked all the journey, when my dad’s friend stopped at traffic lights, i opened the door and threw up. It was horrible…

It was a beautiful birthday. When we arrived, I ate chocolate cake and drank “Coca Cola”.

 Of course I didn’t fast cure.

The day i didn't help my mum.

It was on 23th august, 2009 I had to washing up but I went to Emilia’s birthday.

My mum washing up but while she wash, broke a glass and she cut her finger. She went to put a band and she continue to wash. When carry diches on the cupboard, fell on the floor; some were broken and had to join the chunks

When I arrived to my house she said: “You finished wash and I went to my bed”.

When she woke and said thank you for washing dishes.