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This is Èlia Alenyà's porfolio. I was born in Girona in 1986 I am currently studying my last year of Teacher Training in Universitat de Girona. I started my second degree after studying Translating and Interpreting in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where I finally became a Translator of English, Italian and French in 2008. 

Regarding to my teaching experience, I am currently working as a student teacher at Brampton Pimary School, in East London. However, I also have some teaching experience in my hometown, Salt, where I teach English to both children and teenagers. During the summer I usually work as an English teacher in English summer camps.

I do believe it is important for learners to be eager to learn, to be motivated and to achieve succesful learning methodologies. It is in teachers' hands to make that possible, as we are the ones transfering a great amount of knowledge. Thus, I do believe in teaching as a way for people to be enriched.

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crocodile info.pdf

Worksheet worked in class with the children on Monday 17th January 2011.

With this 'small book' they were meant to look for some specific information about the crocodiles.

crocodile info.pdf (60.3 ko)

Why did the Romans invade Britain?

Why did the Romans invade Britain.pdf

Worksheet meant to be worked the first week of February with the children in class. After reading to the information they will be asked to look for some specific information about the Romans.

Wood, glass and plastic

materials.pdf (284.9 ko)

Why was Wilbur lonely?

Wilbur's feelings

Teaching experience