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I am Darlene Armstrong, Ed.D(c), M.A. (Educational Technology and Learning, BS (Dental Hygiene), RDH, RDHAP. I came into the field of health professions education in 2001, after thirty years of practicing as a health professional. Health treatments have changed dramatically in the last forty years due to technology and research. Some of my roles are clinician, educator, researcher, administrator, and patient advocate. Each role is vital to my success in the workplace. My daily clinical practice includes educating patients about their health issues, informing them of the risks and benefits of treatment, then providing a portion of their treatment. The current educational position was offered to me because of my level of professional experience and success at integrating my professional roles. Soon after making the transition to education, I recognized the value and acted upon the desire of further training in educational technology, philosophies, and professional development. My signature strengths include: Maximizer – I want to be the best I can be, and help each person capitalize on their gifts to reach for excellence; Input – I like to collect things and all kinds of information, I want to be current and accurate about any information needed for my personal or professional life; Relator – I enjoy close relationships with others, enjoy working hard with friends to reach a goal, am trustworthy with confidences; Learner – I have an abiding desire to learn and continuously improve, a life-long learner, I know there are still many areas where I am open to increased learning, I respect the knowledge of others; and Achiever – I enjoy working hard to reach a goal, enjoy being busy and productive, have a strong work ethic, dedicated, dependable, and consistent. My strengths focus using CSF® which began in my first doctoral leadership course has lead me to perform my doctoral study on "Embracing Strengths in Health Professions: It Makes a Difference". My belief in the value of strengths development for faculty and students has been supported by my literature review and my early research projects. Semi-annual dissertation presentations at Azusa Pacific University continue to pique my interest in finding strategies to help faculty improve through understanding and use of their own signature strengths.

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