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I was born in 1995 in Andorra la Vella, where I grew up and lived until I was 18 and went university. 

Since I was 5 I always loved to go ski, which is my favourite sport. I also like football and I'm an A.C. Milan fan.

Hip hop is my favorite style of music, but I also like some Reggae and Rock music. Biggie Smalls and Wu Tang Clan are some of my favorites artists.

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Reflexion on the Financial crisis Comment this section

The financial crisis started in the USA in September 2008, when banks faced several problems due to the credits policy they where using, and expanded quickly around the world. The subprimes, risky credits and inversion sold around the world attached to other packages (CDO), are an example of the mistakes the banks did to have a bigger income, while rating agencies was rating them as AAA (the best rate). The risky credits were given to people, who was unable to pay it back in a future, to buy or invest in Real state. The result has been billion of dollars that people could not payback to the banks and a quick decrease of the value of these Real state properties, then the system collapsed and banks failed. When Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment firm, went bankrupt the governments had to save the other banks with billion dollars bailouts. In Spain in mid 2012, Bankia requested a 19 billion euro bailout.

Spain since the late 90's started to grow quickly, with over 3% annual GDP growth, but wasn't strong enough for a such an enormous financial crisis, the opposite of Germany and northern European countries. Unemployment increased quickly, reaching 20% by 2010 and increasing until the 27% in 2013. People unemployed could not pay their mortgages, and banks had thousand of Real state properties losing value: from a total value of Spanish Real State of 5.7 billion euro in 2008 to a 4.6 billion euro value in 2012 of the same properties. Banks in Spain reduced the credits, a policy used in all affected countries during the crisis, and this slowed down the economy in general.

Spanish government had to take several economical policies. The “Austerity”, a reduce of the public budget, health and education sectors are two examples, and increase taxes, is one of the most known policies. These situation led to a decrease of quality of life and people happiness. That developed also into a political crisis where millions of people are not happy with the political decisions. In brief, from a credit crisis it developed in a economical, politic and social crisis.

Nowadays, the economical situation is getting better, but very slowly, where unemployment is decreasing and investment is increasing. The UE and the European Central Bank are decreasing the interest rates and increasing the credits. Countries in the UE like Germany, France and Denmark have a real GDP growth and Spain is decreasing the lost of real GDP. Around the world we find that the USA with a 2.2% annual growth in 2013. 

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The company Intel, mostly known for its Microprocessor for computers, was founded in 1968 in Mountain View, California, and it's a leader in the market of Semiconductor, having a 15% of worlds market, 5% more than Samsung. To analyze the income statement of the company I used the information provided by www.Nasdaq.com


At the end of 2013 had a total revenue of 52,79 billion $ and a cost of revenue of 21,18 billion $. The operating income of the company was 31,5 billion $.


From the information that provides us the balance sheet, we find that the currents assets have a value of 32 billion $ and the long term assets are valued of 60 billion $, with a total 92 billion $ value is a huge company. The liabilities are 34 billion $, which 13 billions are current. The company equity is valued in 58 billion $, 21 billion are common stock holders and 35 billion $ in retained earnings. The 2013 annual net income was of 9,6 billion $ and the depreciation 8,3 billion $.


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My name is Edoardo. I invented a security system for cars, called the ECS (Emergency Car System). It can be used in case of accidents, since it is able to know when an accident happens and instantly notify the issue to the closest Police Station, and in case of need for any failure, with the mobile app by contacting with the help that you need.

It is a small box, big as a smartphone, which with the help of the GPS (to see you exact position and notify the Police), a movement sensor and an Arduino (which finds out if an accident happens and sends the message). Outside we make it with different types of polymers and Kevlar that is able to resist to any accident possible in a normal car.

With a help of 60000€ we could start the production and sell of the product. I would be the CEO and owner of the 70% of the capital and you would have the rest. The company would be founded in a non-taxed country in order to increase our benefits.

The possibility of making money is huge, over 80 million cars are sold every year and most of them could mount de ECS, specially in the rich countries.

If you want to contact me: email me at ECS@ECS.com or at the 386579333