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My name is Julien Antoine and I live in Bolland near Herve.

I'm 21 and I like to party.

I'm a IT student, before study IT, I tried Gramme but it was not for me. All my friends and family said i have to study IT because I was good in it and it was the good way for me.

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Learning by watching series
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This year, I decided to watch all of my series in english with french or english subtitles. (It depend of my mood) I noticed two things. One more important than the other.

The first one is that the voice of the english character is better than their french understudy.

But the more important is that I can understand the english dialog without read the subtitles except when they speak to quickly or the langage is elevated.

The series are Vikings, Game of thrones, Arrow, The flash, The blacklist and Person of interest. I like to be up-to-date in these one and sometimes I watch some other series.

I will not speak about my favorite serie here to avoid the spoiler.


Stock management System for SPRL Linchet
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This year, I am really proud of the multidisciplinary project because we spend a lot of time on the project and it was so good for us to be in time to send our project with almost all the fonctionnalities.

Our project is a stock management system for Michel Linchet's company who makes alu frames. Our client ask us to make it quick and easy to use.

With our  program we are able to search item by reference (who is made of 6 numbers from 0 to 9), generate and inventory, increase or decrease the stock and add new item.

We are proud of the last things because we don't have to use the mouse and we can takes pictures with and android device connected by wi-fi.

Our client is really glad of us so it is a first succes and we will see for the rest.

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June : After my two weeks of exams, I will party each week-end but Monday 15 June I will start to work. I work with a acquaintance who makes bathroom, electricity etc. for two weeks. The five last days of June I will prepared my camp with my friends.

July : The first begin our Patro camp in Florennes. We are more or less 100 and i am the president so i have many responsibility. I will be 10 days of fun and pleasure. After this began the preparation of our village party and this year is important because we have the district games. Each of them want to be the best and we will decided between the five district with some funny games. And we will party in the village for two weeks.

August : I will work all the month with the same guy and I would like to learn a lot of things during this month.

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This year, the test was différent and more difficult.

Since they change the website, I have some errors in the text.

But i'm still B1