Portfolio de Eric AGHOKENG TSONA || Nouveautéshttps://eduportfolio.org/279919Aucune description du portfolio.Week 1 - January 5,2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4234044- I am listening music - Compréhension oralehttps://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4234044Week 1 - January 9 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4238296I watching a video with the subtitle - Compréhension orale et écrites https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4238296Week 2 - January 11 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4238305I'm read an article on the video game in english and i'm watching some trailer in english but but I didn't understand everything - Compréhension orale et écritehttps://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4238305Week 2 - January 17 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4239913I'm read three article about video games in englis, i'm listening a lot of music and i watch funny video in english with subtitle and after without subtitle. Compréhension orale et écrite.https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4239913Week 3 - January 18 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4240230I'm watch anime in english with subtitle, i'm listen music and i watch a american documentary. Compréhension orale et écrite.https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4240230Week 3 - January 24 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4242229I listened to a song with the lyrics in English and I saw a video game show entirely in English (although I didn't understand everything). Compréhension oralhttps://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4242229Week 4 - January 25 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4242233I started a video game and a series in English. Compréhension oralehttps://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4242233Week 4 - January 31 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4243637I didn't do much this week, I just listened to music with subtitles to be able to understand and I commented on some of it in English. Written production and oral comprehension.https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4243637Week 5 - February 01 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4243917I comment video on youtube and I saw two movie in english with english subtitles yesterday.  Written production and oral comprehension.https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4243917Week 5 - February 06 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4245550I've watched tons of watchmojo videos in English with English subtitles. Only listening comprehension.https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4245550Week 6 - February 08 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4245555I watched two movies in English before with French subtitles and after with English subtitles. Oral compréhensionhttps://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4245555Week 6 - February 12 2021https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4249200To conclude in beauty I put my computer and my phone in English and I said to myself that I would put it back in French when I speak perfect English.https://eduportfolio.org/vues/view/279919#section4249200