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Hi everyone!

I am Leila Abdellaoui, I am 22 years old and I am studying Primary Education's Degree at Rovira i Virgili University. I was born in Barcelona, but I'm living in Tarragona.

In my ePortfolio you will find a summary of all the sessions I've done in the minor English subject "Communication and intercultural competencies in foreign language" during the course 2015-2016.

1st session (5/02/2016)

We have started!

Today we started this subject and our last degree’s course. First of all teacher presented us the subject’s plan. Then we did a quiz about English culture and curiosity. I really liked it because I learned simple information, but very interesting. Finally, before finishing the class, the teacher explained us that each week we are going to do a weekly forum. I know during this month, I’m going to enjoy this subject and bring with me new experiences.

2nd session (12/02/2016)

I could not attend to this session and that was a pity. But I have talked with my classmate Marina and she has explained me all what they did. They have played a game called “Who will you save” in groups they have decided who will be saved. That seems interesting.

3rd session (19/02/2016)

Today, our 3rd session was about phrasal verbs. I found interesting the way that the teacher shows us how to learn phrasal verbs while you are playing or singing a song. Then we did a brainstorming on “greetings and goodbyes” in two different ways: formal and informal. This was useful because sometimes when you have to write an English formal letter, for example, we don’t realize that there are some forms are not allowed and are just used for informal communication. Before finishing the class, the teacher described the 3rd weekly forum.

4th session (26/02/2016)

Today was fun!

I found very interesting and important know the differences between British and American English. Because sometimes we think that is exactly the same, but not. There are a lot of words and also expressions that are just from particularity country. For example: candy (AE) and sweet (BE). In my case, I have never studied it before, because at school they just teach British English and I think it is important to show the children that there are different English languages. Nowadays, the series and cartoons are broadcast on television are in American English.

5th session (04/03/2016)

This session was about idioms and popular expressions. I found it interesting because sometimes when we read an expression, we don’t realize that the meaning is not literal. Each expression has his history and that is why I think is curious know the why of these expressions. What struck me was the similarity of expressions between English and Catalan/Spanish. For example: “the remedy is worse than the disease” or “time is money”.

6th session (11/03/2016)

San Diego, here we go!

In this session we did our presentations about guided tours. Our group made a trip to San Diego, United States. We simulated a real flight to this destination and we wore flight attendants’ costumes. I want to congratulate all my classmates, they did an excellent work. As I said in the forum class, my favourite tour was Tokyo, because this is an interesting city and they explained us a lot of details about it. I was enjoying during the presentation like if I was there. And thanks for this tour, I have to say that my next trip will be in Tokyo.

7th session (18/03/2016)

Happy Easter’s Day!

Today we play a treasure hunt and was really exciting. It was a funny way to finish the last day of the week before start Easter’s holidays. Also during the games I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know about Easter’s Celebration. This is the way to motivate children without realize that they are enjoying and learning.

8th session (1/04/2016)

Today we have started with a memorize game where each one had to remember and say in order the words that the classmates said. I was impressed about how my classmates could memorize all the adjectives and objects. Then, we did a brainstorming about how motivate and involve children during the storytelling. After that, in groups we write a story using dice with pictures. That was enjoyable because we create a strange story, but really funny.

9th session (08/04/2016)

Today we are watching a film “War horse”. I have never seen it before, I found it interesting because shows how the people live during a war and realize how hard and difficult it is. For example, what shocked me was the big quantity of horses that were killed during the World War I. I think watching English films or series in English class are a good methodology for motivating children and improve listening skills.

10th session (22/04/2016)

Our 10th session was about public speeches, we have started doing a brainstorming about that. For example: eye-contact, body language, pronunciation, facial expressions… I found it useful for our final thesis presentation.

Then, in pairs we had to sell our special product to our classmates as we were sales agent. That was really funny.

11th session (29/04/2016)

A storytelling day!

Today we did our performance about multicultural storytelling. I want to congratulate all my classmates, you did a good job. I have enjoyed all the tales and activities. Each group had to tell a story from another country. Our story was “The princess and the golden ball” from Iraq. Previous that, we enjoyed creating material for the performance we drew the scenes of the story, paint it in order to create our book. Then, we tell the story wearing costumes as the characters of the story.

I think it is a good resource, because you can use each shadow for emphasise the vocabulary. Also, I have to say I really have had fun with my group performing the tale and creating the activities. It has been a pleasure working with you.

12th session (06/05/2016)

Today our classmates have told us a Chinese story. I really liked because that had a moral. After that, we learned more things about dialects and accents from English countries. For me, I found that was very difficult, because the pronunciation of each word was different. Nevertheless, I think is important to know it.

13th session (13/05/2016)

Our 13th session was about some traditions and festivities all over the world. Today we have started watching different traditions around the world which some of them could seem weird or gross.

Then, we did a brainstorming about the festivities that we know from around the world. After that, we have represented by groups of three a scene from film “Nemo” each group with a different accent and the classmates had to guess which accent was. I love this kind of games because are really funny.

14th session (20/05/2016)

Our last session!

Today was our last class, we started the session finishing all the bucket lists. Then, we did James and the giant peach’s exam. I found it fantastic and suitable for children. Some of the questions that have appeared in the exam were easy, but I another were difficult because the answer was at the beginning of the story and I didn’t remember it. After the exam, we did a refreshment and we had a good time with all my classmates and the teacher. I have become sad because was the last class and I started to realize that I’m finishing the university degree.