Portafolio de Marcos Angelani


The  World Cup of football is the most important competition in the world. This event is every four years and compete 32 countries. It’s played for a month, and the champion wins the biggest cup in the world.

There have been eighteen world cup. Brasil is the country that has won five times this cup and it is at the top of the list of winners. For this year, the FIFA decided to do it in South Africa. It is the first time that it is played in the african continent.

South Africa is a big and a beutiful country with 50 millons of inhabitants.

The competition is being played in nine differents cities and ten enormous and moderm stadiums.

I like it because I meet with my Friends and my family to see the matches and we have a great time all together! I was really hope that my country would be this year the champion of the world cup, but it was eliminated in the Quarter-finals with Germany. I think that Hollands will be the winner because they have never won someone and they really deserve it.