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Statement of Change
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Through my 17 years of experience teaching in 3 different countries, I have changed not only as a teacher but also on a personal level. During this time, I have seen the change and influence the internet brought to teaching. I now use the web for lesson plans, best practices, and professional development, most of which I did differently in the beginning of my career.

When I started by career as an ESL teacher, teaching was based on a strict syllabus of what we considered to be important, whether it was relevant to students' needs or not. In my second full time experience in Notre dame Secondary School in Egypt, I experienced the shift to adapt situational techniques, we taught grammar and vocabulary in contexts which students would realistically use. However, the emphasis was still very much on reading, repeating and memorizing.

When I moved to Dubai I experienced a new teaching technique "communicative competence" – i.e. being able to successfully communicate and this replaced grammatical accuracy as the main goal of language teaching making it focused on practical use of the language.

Since then and as I started teaching in Montreal, the approach is to focus on relevance and enjoyment. I believe that the most effective way to learn a language is through quality tuition in an immersion environment. This means that the input my students get in the classroom becomes immediately relevant for their everyday life.

Regardless of what teaching technique or material I use, I make sure that English class is always fun!

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