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Competency 4
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To pilot teaching/learning situations that are appropriate to the students concerned and to the subject content with a view to developing the competencies targeted in the programs of study.


  • Creates conditions in which students can engage in meaningful problem situations, tasks or projects, based on their cognitive, emotional and social characteristics.
  • Provides students with the resources they need to take part in the learning situations.
  • Guides students in selecting, interpreting and understanding the information provided in the various resources and in understanding the elements of a problem situation or the requirements of a task or project.
  • Supports student learning by asking questions and providing frequent and relevant feedback to promote the integration and transfer of learning.
  • Encourages teamwork.


By the end of his or her initial training, the student teacher should be able to:

  • Guide students, through appropriate interventions, in carrying out learning tasks;  lead the students to work together in cooperation;
  • Detect teaching/learning problems that arise and use the appropriate resources to remedy them.

How have I developed this competency during this course or professional seminar/field experience?

Here is reference a very recent example where I demonstrated this competency at Paul-Jarry Primary School.

I used Dash and Dot robots to create conditions in which my students can engage in meaningful problem situations, tasks, based on their cognitive, emotional and social characteristics.  In this example Police Officer Dash is on duty. When a criminal comes around, Dash springs into action and goes after the intruder. Over the course of 6 challenges, my students add onto a program that include customized eye patterns to create a bold expression for Officer Dash, repeating blocks of red and blue flashing lights to emulate a police car, recorded warnings for robot Dash to say to the criminal, siren sound effects, and programmed conditional (pressing the top button in the when block) which will cue Dash’s flashing red and blue lights. 

They acquired Computer Science Vocabulary including

  • Loops: a set of instructions that a computer program repeats over and over again
  • Animations: to bring to life
  • Eye Patterns: an arrangement of lights
  • Repeat Block: an action, event or task that when once completed will start again

And English Vocabulary: criminal, police, officer, country, citizens, law, flashing, commands, improve, careful, slows down, puzzle, appropriately, distance, committed, suspect, crime, victims, guilty, predetermine, command, intruder.  

Lesson plan attached 

What is my current level of mastery? (choose one)*


*Use the features of the competency (listed above) and the professional competency rubric.

Name: Bishoy Abdel Masseh
Date: April 10, 2017

PS/FE level (circle one) 1 2 3 4

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Police officer Dash lesson plan