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Competency 8
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To integrate information and communications technologies (ict) in the preparation and delivery of teaching/learning activities and for instructional management and professional development purposes.

• Exercises critical judgment regarding the real benefits and limitations of ICT as teaching and learning resources, and regarding the social issues they raise.
• Assesses the instructional potential of computer applications and networking technology in relation to the development of the competencies targeted in the programs of study.
• Communicates using various multimedia resources.
• Uses ICT effectively to search for, interpret and communicate information and to solve problems.
• Uses ICT effectively to build networks that facilitate information sharing and professional development with respect to his or her own field of teaching or teaching practice. • Helps students to familiarize themselves with ICT, to use ICT to carry out learning activities, to assess their own use of ICT, and to exercise critical judgment regarding the information they find on the Internet.


By the end of his or her initial training, the student teacher should be able to :
• Demonstrate critical judgment regarding the real benefits and limitations of ICT as teaching and learning resources;
• Demonstrate a general understanding of the possibilities offered by ICT (and the Internet in particular) for teaching and learning, and know how to integrate ICT in a functional manner into teaching/learning activities, when appropriate;
• Use ICT effectively in different aspects of his or her intellectual and professional life: communication, research, information processing, evaluation, interaction with colleagues or experts, etc.;
• Effectively transmit the ability to use ICT to his or her students in order to support the collective construction of learning in a well-structured, critical manner.

How have I developed this competency during this course or professional seminar/field experience?

Since I started working, technology in my classroom became more and more predominant. I always ask my students to do their research projects in the computer lab. I have seen firsthand the benefits of technology in my classroom. Therefore, I believe that it’s important to develop the technological skills in students so they will be prepared to enter the workforce once they complete their schooling.

The smart board is an essential component of every classroom. I use it to accommodate different learning styles. Tactical students can use the screen and learn by touching and marking at the board, audio students can have a discussion and visual students can observe the teaching on the board.

For a student with disabilities, the classroom can be daunting. I discovered that my students with disabilities may feel different than their peers, as they are increasingly included into the general education classroom, then add to the fact they may not be able to do even the simplest tasks like write their own name or turn the page of the book. When I use assistive technology, however, my students feel empowered to do thing they would not normally be able to do on their own. Learning a second-language is very hard sometimes for students who already struggle with concentration, holding a pen and writing, decoding words/sentences and their meanings, etc. The simple act of typing a text on the computer has done wonders for some of my students. Not only have their grades improved, but their self-confidence too.

Now my students are learning the basics of programming and enhance their language competencies at the same time. (Paul-Jarry Primary School Dash and Dot Project) Picture below.

What is my current level of mastery? (choose one)*


*Use the features of the competency (listed above) and the professional competency rubric.

Name: Bishoy Abdel Masseh
Date: April 10, 2017

PS/FE level (circle one) 1 2 3 4

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I enjoy using technology to teach my students and engage then in class activity and projects.

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