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My name is Alexa Ahooja and I am a TESL student at McGill University. I see the world and human interactions as social opportunities to learn more from humankind. My inherent curiosity pushes me to discover the world while understanding myself more every day.

My passion for teaching started as of an early age when I would accompany my father to his classes when he taught at Dawson College. I was very young, but I remember seeing how happy he was when interacting with students in and outside of class. As I think about it today, I admire him for his charisma and ability to create trusting relationships with students. He remains my role model today and he inspired me to leave a legacy to my students.  I strive to become this kind of teacher and constantly reflect on the qualities that are needed and responsibilities entailed in order to achieve this goal.

The reason why I chose to become an English as a second language teacher is because of my passion for languages. I have been lucky enough to be inspired my many language teachers during my undergraduate schooling. The characteristic that those teachers have in common is their care for both the language and students. It is through their passion for the language and a human approach to teaching that I have been able to envision the role that I want to have as a teacher. As I imagine my future, I see continuous self-reflection towards professional growth as the foundation to a successful teaching career. I hope that this portfolio gives you an idea of the teacher that I am and the teacher that I strive to be.

“No one is born fully-formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are.” - Paulo Freire

"I teach because I search, because I question, and because I submit myself to questioning." - Paulo Freire 

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